FaceStation 2

FaceStation 2

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Key Features & Services
  • Ultra Performance -Matching Speed: 1:3,000 match/sec -Group Matching: 1:5,000 match/sec -User Capacity: Max 30,000 users (1:1), 3,000 users (1:N)
  • Highest Operating Illuminance -Operating illuminance from 0 lx to 25,000 lx -Highest operating illuminance available -Covers complete darkness to all indoor lighting conditions
  • Enhanced Security - Live face detection: IR-based image analysis to prevent spoofing by printed images and LCDs -Enhanced security by Android 5.0 Lollipop -High quality Image log
  • Multi RFID Card Reading -LF(125KHz), HF(13.56MHz) dual-band -Reads all card types that HID multiCLASS supports (EM/HID Prox/MIFARE/iCLASS/DESFire/FeliCa/NFC
  • Ergonomics & User Convenience -Extended height range: 145cm ‒ 210cm -Tilt-type bracket for wheelchaired persons & children - Android 5.0 Lollipop based intuitive GUI -Improved face enrolment procedure

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