Web Based Attendance And Leave Management Software

Codeware Time –Attendance and Leave management system automates your employee time keeping-related processes that allow admin to manage employees’ time and attendance along with over time, scheduling etc. Its Leave management module manage all kind of leaves with accuracy which helps the organization for operating attendance policy properly.
Codeware Time –Attendance and Leave management enable to track record from any brands proximity or bio-metric (Fingerprint or Face recognition) devices. It’s agent system send the records to cloud that enables you to monitor the attendance and leave status in real time from anywhere anytime in the globe.

The key features of the system:

Part of HR (Human Resource)

Employee general information

Name, Address, photo, Educational qualification (Multi Record), Work/Job experience record (Multi Record)
Information filtering facilities using different criteria
Option to search employee by several criteria like department, district, sex, religion, blood group etc
Create/Delete/Edit any employee, department
Department wise login and log out time setting
Define days-off (weekends and specific holidays).
Shift and time configuration
Shift wise over time configuration
The system allows capturing data from any time recording device like proximity, biometric.
Option to put manual attendance department or single employee
Create/edit/delete leave types relevant to your organization like Casual Leave, Earn Leave, Sick Leave , Maternity etc
Allow employees to apply for leave application. Admin may approve or reject leave application.
Daily attendance report all department, any department and single employee
Absent, present, late and leave report all department, any department and single employee
Department and employee status report by any periodic date range
Early Out/ Late Out Report all department, any department and single employee
Manage all employee timesheets report Daily/Weakly/Monthly/Yearly
Late Present Report (When anyone punch 12pm show status late present) all department, any department
Leave status report all department, any department and single employee
Productivity :
User friendly Dashboard interface
Unlimited User
Access from anywhere through internet
Technology used: Asp.net, SQL Server 2012, Java script, Ajax, CSS3, CS5


Attendance list

Employee Details

Leave Application

Leave List

Leave List

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